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High View offers a rewarding opportunity for both experienced staff and those ambitious to carve out a career in health or social care. We have two main groups of employees who collectively develop and deliver an innovative Psychosocial model of support for rehabilitation

The Therapeutic Team

This team employs Clinical Neuropsychologists, Assistant Psychologists and those aspiring to achieve their PhDs in Psychology or gain other professional qualifications in OT or SLT. For this group we offer the inspirational experience in working as Rehabilitation Coaches or at senior level with clients in a structured environment that is critcal to professional development.

The Social Work Team

This team is no less dedicated and we employ professional Social Workers with specialist brain injury background. We develop and train good quality, qualified staff as well as those starting out on the pathway to career as support workers and rehabilitation assistants.

Whether experienced professional or a novice, we help all new recruits to develop their career pathway through specialist training related to our client presentations as well as support for external education and vocational training in Health and Social Care qualifications.

We are continually developing new services and there are opportunities to work in a residential setting or in the community through our various operations. High View is an equal opportunities employer, we operate an employee pension scheme and offer personal professional development pathways for all staff from apprenticeships through to degree level courses and post-graduate diplomas.

Interested in working with us in any of the posts below? Contact us in confidence with a copy of your resume or CV to explore your potential with us.

  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Service Manager
  • Group Administrator
  • Deputy Manager Team Leader
  • Neuro-rehabilitation coaches
  • Drug and Alcohol counsellors
  • Occupational/ Speech and Language Therapists
  • Residential Support Worker (Full Time & Bank)
  • Intern, Training, Apprenticeships and Placement Opportunities for Social Workers and Psychology Graduates