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Welcome to High View Care. Our specialist service has been inspiring change in individuals with acquired or traumatic brain injury for more than a decade. How?

Personal Growth

Our holistic approach to care incorporates the best of current psychosocial practice, delivered by our team dedicated social workers, neuropsychologists and rehabilitation coaches.

A therapeutic environment and homely setting help ensure our residents have the opportunity to rehabilitate and grow.

Positive outcomes are secured using a person-centered approach that includes regular in-depth in-house assessments & psychological intervention plans tailored to achieving our residents’ personal objectives for social inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Core Values

We believe everyone has the right to be the best they can be.

We inspire change through planned, positive neuropsychological interventions targeting improved wellbeing and rehabilitation.

We respect individuality, promote independence and support self determination.

We provide positive outcomes where other approaches have failed because we take a long-term view. Individual tailored plans provide for slow stream wellbeing coaching or shorter medium-term rehabilitation depending on the individual presentation and their history. In all we actively work towards raising self-esteem, creating insight and encouraging self-actualization.

Our Facilities

Services are provided in four specially converted houses in South East London, offering 29 individual bedrooms and transitional living units for 29 younger adults. One of our houses is a female only dedicated unit.

NEW! Graduates from the High View residential setting are offered ongoing psychological support and continued coaching for independent through our sister organisation, HVON